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In the age of privacy vulnerabilities of technology, find a reliable buddy right by your side! Experience the new wave of ride-sharing with the best Buddy made in Bangladesh! Download our mobile app to reach your destination faster and at cheaper fares.

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What is Buddy?

Buddy is a complete ecosystem that will dictate the new generation of inter-related services based on a digital platform. You have to rely on only one app to take care of all your transportation needs.

We provide convenient digital transportation services through a versatile range of vehicles including private cars, motorcycles and microbuses. The users can also schedule a ride days before the actual trip date through pre-booking.

Our Motto/What Buddy Believes In

We believe in improving the standard of your living with our digital transportation services. Your convenience and comfort is our main concern whether you want a designated ride.

Budget-friendly & convenient

We minimize and hope to even eliminate such distressful scenarios from your daily life. Have easier, safer and stress-free commutes with our digital transportation platform. Here you get to decide which type of vehicle you want to ride for the day. Choose bikes, cars or microbuses to reach your destination on time and at affordable rates.

Ease of Life

The main target of Buddy is to make your life easier. The busy individuals of our beloved city struggle in many ways every day to get closer to their dreams. We are here to make that journey a little less troubling by providing fast and convenient services related to transportation.

Prioritizing your comfort

Too much time gets wasted for so many people while waiting for a public transportation to arrive. Even when they do arrive, many vehicles don’t agree to take any more passenger. If you do however get on one, you have to deal with a heavily congested area with little to no space for air or breathing. Moreover, the jam-packed roads make it harder for you to reach your destination on time. You can miss out on crucial events like meetings, job interviews and exams because of all those inconveniences.

Our Services at a Glance

Buddy offers a wide range of services to cater your transportation needs.Here you can choose however ride you want without the hassle that too within your budget.

Buddy Transportation

Car Rides

If you are planning to travel alone or with up to three people, you can take our car rides to reach your destination with comfort, security and affordability.

Shared Ride

Shared rides on microbuses are ideal for people who need to conduct daily commutes at the most reasonable price possible.

Bike Rides

If you need to reach a place at the fastest pace and want to save some money at the same time, bike rides are perfect for you.


Book rides ahead of time for a family outing or a trip with friends. Then just wait at the specified pickup point on the fixed date and time.



Buddy is a ride-sharing app that caters your daily transportation needs with fast, reliable and comfortable rides. This dynamic platform provides all modes of transportation under one roof along with best services which is only one tap away.

Want a Buddy to be always by your side?

Take your brand new Buddy with you wherever you go by downloading our app from Google Play or App Store.


Our happiness roots from your satisfaction. If you have faced any inconvenience from our side or just want to share your experience, let us know about it right away. We welcome constructive feedback and would love to hear from you. Feel free to knock us any time through the phone number or email address provided below: