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Absolutely! Buddy does not charge any money for installation or use. By signing up for a standard account on Buddy, you will be able to use all the services provided by the platform.
Buddy does not operate in any region beyond Bangladesh. The platform of Buddy was built keeping the transportation issues of Bangladesh in mind. As a result, we have not made it available beyond the boundaries of this country. We may expand this venture into more countries in the future if the need arises.
At the moment, Buddy does not offer rides in any other vehicle except cars as we are still in our initial stage of service. We will soon branch out to other media of transportation to provide the best experience for our customers.
A passenger needs to pay only their share of the fare. Even if no other passenger joins the ride, he or she does not have to bear any additional cost for it.
You do not need to open up a new account if you already have an active one. Your account information is saved on our server. Thus, we can identify you every time you access it via any device. You only need to remember the username and the corresponding password.

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