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In the age of privacy vulnerabilities of technology, find a reliable buddy right by your side! Experience the new wave of ride-sharing with the best Buddy made in Bangladesh! Download our mobile app to reach your destination faster and at cheaper fares.

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A reliable companion
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Faster. Cheaper. Easier.

Buddy is an upcoming ride-sharing platform which you can utilize to make the daily commutes much easier. We provide carpooling service to your desired destination so that you can be punctual and economical at the same time.

The safety, privacy, and comfort of our passengers are the topmost priorities for us. Keeping these objectives mind, we have built a full-fledged system that can implement our vision successfully and advance the nation further in the technological field.

A buddy for every occasion

You can hire a ride to reach your desired destination with your whole family. Buddy will help you to avoid any trouble in finding a mode of transport in case of a special occasion. Move safely with your loved ones wherever you go.



Buddy stands out from other digital ride-sharing platforms by keeping their primary focus on carpooling. The inhabitants of our country require the economical conveniences of public transportation along with the comfortable rides of private vehicles.


Shared Rides

With Buddy, you don’t have to bear the burden of booking and running a ride alone. This app will let you share the ride with other passengers who are going the same way.


On-the-go Pickup

The car in motion will pick up more passengers on the way until its seat capacity is fulfilled. Every new passenger will join from the most convenient stoppage to avoid delay.


Distributed Fare

Every participating passenger will pay only their share of the ride. Regardless of the total number of passengers riding the car, your fare will be limited to the distance traversed by you.


Why choose Buddy?

The ride-sharing market is now more competitive than ever. There are many platforms offering you similar services here. However, our Buddy stands out from the rest by combining safety, affordability and ease.

Lower Fare

Pay only a fraction of the regular app-based commute charge by relying on Buddy and its distributed fare among the passengers.

Relaxed and Secure

Leave all fears and insecurities behind regardless of your gender or age. Relax and enjoy the ride with our strong system in place.


Now you can complete your pending work on the way by utilizing our amenities and thus boost your daily productivity level.

Improve Environment

Contribute to improving environmental health by encouraging shared rides instead of singular ones and reducing air pollution.

Reduce Traffic

Help detangle the intense urban traffic by using one vehicle for multiple passengers instead of multiple vehicles for each.


Meet new faces every day through our carpooling platform and make some new friends along the way.


Things to recall when sharing Buddy

Before confirming your ride with Buddy, please remember the following rules to ensure convenience for all the passengers.

Pick up point

Select your pick up point carefully so that your driver can reach you on time.

Drop off point

Driver has to maintain the drop off point sequence showed in map. No extra drop off point will be added.

Waiting Time

The driver will wait for up to 3 minutes and will cancel your ride if you don’t show up within this period.

Secure your stuffs

Check your belongings before getting out of the vehicle.

No Smoking

You cannot smoke inside the vehicle during the ride.

Children Riders

You can bring only one child under the age of 4 for one seat. More or older kids will need more seats.


Sample of a Buddy Trip

A single trip of Buddy can prove fruitful to many passengers at multiple areas. The vehicle will pick up all waiting passengers en route and drop them off at the destined points respectively.

Mr. X passenger
Mr. Y passenger
Mr. X passenger
Ms. Z passenger
Mr. Y passenger
Ms. Z passenger

Want a Buddy to be always by your side?

Take your brand new Buddy with you wherever you go by downloading our app from Google Play or App Store.


Our happiness roots from your satisfaction. If you have faced any inconvenience from our side or just want to share your experience, let us know about it right away. We welcome constructive feedback and would love to hear from you. Feel free to knock us any time through the phone number or email address provided below: